Feeling Life’s Disappointments

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Feeling Life’s Disappointments

From Joan:

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today. You might as well throw in some melancholy into the mix, too. It all began with an event that really had little to do with me directly.  But the indirect repercussions were quite disturbing for me. A week later, I’m still trying to process it all.

Let’s rewind back to early last week, on a beautiful Fall day.  I woke up to the noise of heavy machinery operating behind my house.  Those sounds were vaguely familiar, and took me back in my mind to nearly twenty years earlier. As I listened intently, I realized I could accurately place the source of those sounds. They were distinctly recognizable from years ago. I jumped out of bed, and raced to the window to confirm my suspicions.

Yes, my neighbor was excavating their yard. At first glance, by the kind of machinery and workers, one would think this was all to install a swimming pool.  But, in this case, it was the absolute reverse. Instead of digging up ground to build a pool, they were breaking up earth to rip out their existing pool. As I’ve already stated, this happening had virtually nothing to do with me; yet, as I peered intently at the demolition, I felt as though it was a pronouncement of the condition of my life for the past twenty years. It didn’t feel very good.

So, what stronghold was I creating in my mind this time to cause me distress? Here’s my thinking on the issue. I’ll take you further back in time to twenty years earlier, when I eagerly watched the installation process of that particular swimming pool. My husband and I were obviously quite younger. Rebecca was a toddler. We had just moved into our new home, along with all the dreams generally connected to a new beginning. For me, the building of that pool embodied all those events. pile of dirt

Our neighborhood was newly developed.  All the families had built homes to their expectations, and everyone was enjoying the excitement of starting afresh. We became fast friends with many of the neighbors, including the family whose property was directly behind us. (Yes, this was the location of the pool that was now being demolished.) We all enjoyed sharing our lives with one another, including our hopes and dreams for the future.

As the years progressed, life as usual began to happen for each family. There was success for some, who moved upwards into bigger and more beautiful homes. Others moved away due to divorce, health problems, job loss, and various other difficulties. As our dreams for our future changed, so did the neighborhood.  With so many new people moving in and out, it was hard to maintain close knit relationships with neighbors. The sounds of happy families enjoying each other’s company became silent.

Our family managed to stay put in spite of a myriad of ups and downs. Life wasn’t always easy, so we clung to God for His help and guidance through it all. He was our mainstay in a life full of unexpected change. As I watched the neighbor’s swimming pool being flattened, all those memories of the past twenty years raced through my mind. I remembered us as a young family with high expectations for the future.  I also realized how few of those dreams had materialized. A strong feeling of sorrow washed over me.

I don’t mean to leave you with any sadness, so suffice it to say that there is a happy ending to this story, one that is meant to encourage you. Please join me next time for an uplifting look at how things change when God supernaturally intervenes.

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