Imagine Having a Golf Ball In the Side of Your Neck

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Imagine Having a Golf Ball In the Side of Your Neck

From Rebecca:

I’m back with that amazing story I promised to tell you last post! We were discussing what the U Love definition means when it says, “Love always trusts and always hopes.” I suggested that it ultimately comes down to completely surrendering our lives to God and totally trusting Him for the outcome in whatever circumstance we may be facing. The following story beautifully demonstrates what I mean.

Let’s rewind many years back to “baby Rebecca” time, where we reopen the “Chronicles of Rebecca’s Childhood.” LOL. My mother, as many of you know by now from my previous writings, doted on me like nobody’s business.  My mom tried to protect, love, and care for me in the most remarkable way she knew how. After all, mom had gone through sixteen years of infertility until God finally gave her a precious little girl (me). She only had one child, so she certainly treasured her gift from God. This caused my mom to always be supremely careful, and aware, about my safety and health.

One day, when I was around one year old, my mom noticed a lump on the side of my neck. Thinking nothing of it at first, my mom wasn’t too concerned. But, as time progressed, the lump got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. During the time the lump was increasing in size, my mom scrupulously questioned the pediatrician about it. His concern (as well as my parent’s) grew along with the growing lump. By the time the lump reached the size of a golf ball, the doctor sent us off to a specialist at Children’s Hospital. Sure enough, the specialist diagnosed the lump on my neck as a benign tumor. golf cartoon 3

Now, on the bright side, the tumor was benign! The bad news from the doctor was that the tumor would never dissolve on its own, so surgery would be needed to take the tumor out of my neck. This didn’t sit well with my parents. Surgery isn’t anyone’s first choice, especially for a child so young. I mean, my parents did not want to subject me to the trauma of surgery, but they couldn’t leave their baby girl with a golf ball sized tumor sticking out of the side of her neck for the rest of her life, could they?! 

Okay, surgery wasn’t the most pleasant idea, but at least there was a way to fix me with no complications, right? Wrong. My parents had yet to hear the real clincher. There was a catch to this whole situation that the doctor promptly revealed. Apparently, because of the nature of the surgery I needed (they would have to cut through many neck muscles), the doctor couldn’t guarantee that I would ever be able to hold my head upright again for the rest of my life. It was possible I would be disfigured after the surgery.

My parents were in utter disbelief. Their choice was either to leave a fast growing tumor in my neck, or to have a surgery that could’ve left me disfigured. No! No! No! My parents were reduced to tears at just the thought of this. They were in a daze as they drove home with me from the doctor’s office that fateful day. Fright filled their minds. What were they going to do??

Now, don’t worry, this story has a great miraculous ending! To find out the conclusion, check back here next post!! Don’t you just love a good cliffhanger? LOL!

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