Homestyle Vs. High Tech

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Homestyle Vs. High Tech

From Joan:

You wouldn’t think I’d get an idea for a U Love post while watching an episode of my favorite television show “Chopped”…. but, I did. I love to watch all the interesting foods the chefs prepare incorporating the crazy ingredients they are required to use. From the show, I’ve also learned new cooking techniques about which I otherwise would not have known. (Being an amateur cook myself, I’m grateful for the help!) Mostly, all I get while watching Chopped is hungry, but not this time. Instead, I was deeply touched by the kindness of one of the contestants, which prompted me to write about it for this blog.

I know we’ve previously written about the U Love principle “Love is kind.” I don’t think you can ever show too much kindness to others, so it’s worth mentioning again. Besides, I’m always fascinated when I see how easily kindness flows from some people. As I’ve confessed in other posts, I have to work a bit harder at kindness than some. Since showing more kindness is on my “to do” list, it’s not surprising I would notice how others succeed at this trait.chopped cartoon

In this particular episode of “Chopped,” the first contestant (I’ll call Joe) is an owner chef at his New York restaurant. Joe, an older, mature chef, humbly acknowledges his self training (as opposed to training at a culinary school). He shows a great deal of kindness and patience towards everyone on the show. This is not surprising since Joe freely admits he is addicted to helping others. (We could all use a bit of that kind of addiction!) Joe confessed to the judges that if he won, he planned to donate the $10,000 prize money to charities. (Very impressive, Joe!!)

Joe’s younger opponent (named Mike) has had culinary school training, and is vocal about his feelings of superiority towards Joe. This is your typical story of a young “whippersnapper” who thinks his technical skills are far superior to the older, less trained chef. Mike doesn’t hold back on making his feelings known. During the competition, Mike constantly makes snide remarks about Joe’s cooking skills. Joe never retaliates. Instead, Joe frequently and graciously acknowledges Mike’s excellent cooking style.

As the competition progressed, it was clear that both Mike and Joe are skillful chefs.Their cooking styles are distinctly different. Joe is more old school, homestyle, while Mike is contemporary, hi tech. From the judges’ comments, both put out great dishes. The clear difference between the two chefs is in their attitudes, i.e., humility vs. pride.

While watching this particular episode, I felt irked by Mike’s continual denigrating remarks about Joe. To me, Joe far surpassed Mike in his humility and kindness. By the end of the show, it was actually embarrassing at how petty Mike’s arrogance appeared when juxtaposed against Joe’s modesty. For me, Joe was the clear winner. I was rooting for him from the moment he became the underdog. Oh, and by the way, Joe did win the competition and the $10,000, too. You go, Joe!!!

What’s the moral of the story? Being humble and kind wins lots of points with God (and with most everyone else). Whether or not Joe won the competition, he was the champion as soon as he demonstrated his giving nature. Joe made it perfectly clear that he was so grateful for what he had achieved in life, that he wanted to help others in any way he could. You see, Joe possessed a winning combination….humility, gratitude, and kindness.  All these are genuine traits of unconditional love.

It is never wrong to show kindness to others. You may not end up with $10,000 in your pocket like Joe, but the favor from God that comes from being pleasing to Him is enormous. I have always had the desire to be pleasing to God.Showing more kindness to others is where I can step up my game. Thanks, Joe, for setting such a good example!! I know God is smiling down on Joe!

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