Don’t Give Up On Me

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Don’t Give Up On Me

From Rebecca:

Hi all! In this post, I’d like to head back to our U Love definition to consider the part which says, “Love always trusts and always hopes.” Let’s look at this concept from two viewpoints – that of God and of man. To begin with, I pose the question, “Does God ever lose hope in us?” I think not. Because He consistently offers us love that is unconditional, I believe He never stops hoping we’ll understand His love and stick close to Him. Even if we run from Him, I believe God will never stop chasing us. He’ll gently draw us back to Him, hoping we’ll surrender to His unfailing love. Bottom line, God doesn’t give up on us, even in our worst moments.

Think of it this way. God, Himself, embodies the entire idea of trust and hope. He knows that in whatever situation we may find ourselves, He is fully capable (and willing) to bring us out of whatever we’re facing, and then set our feet back on solid ground. Since God is behind us all the way, there is no reason for Him to lose hope in us. God knows He will move heaven and earth to better any predicament in which we may be (if we will turn to Him).

God’s unconditional love constantly sees the abounding place of victory to which He can bring us in our lives. When we are at our worst, God is at His best. It seems to me, from God’s perspective, there is really no reason for Him to stop hoping in us. Easy for Him to say, after all, He is God!

Now, let’s look at the concept “love always trusts, and always hopes” from the human viewpoint. It embraces the idea that we must remain steadfast in God even in light of unpleasant circumstances. We’ve just made the case that it’s easy for God to tell us to trust Him, because He knows He always “has our back.”  In our human fallibility, though, it can be a great deal more difficult for us to trust Him back. God chasing us cartoon final

But, if we can’t trust God, whom can we trust? Please consider that point carefully. Whom can we trust better than God? For me, the answer is no one. Assuming we’re all on this journey towards achieving U Love, I encourage everyone to follow God’s suggestion to hope and trust in Him. I sincerely believe that God is 100% trustworthy, and able to work out whatever circumstances in which we find ourselves. Trust me…you can trust Him!!

Now, HOW God chooses to work a circumstance out is a different story. His solution to things may not be to our liking; but it may be what He deems best for us in our lives. And that’s where ultimate trust comes in….being willing to surrender whatever WE want to have happen in a situation and completely put our lives in the hands of a very reliable and U Loving God. That is ultimate trust, being able to say to God, “Here’s my life. Take it all. I completely trust and hope in you to work everything out to the way you see best for me.” And then, actually let go.

This is not easy.  I know it can be very hard.  I have definitely struggled with the “letting go” issue; but, this is what we want to work towards, because it is the ultimate demonstration of U Love’s hope and trust.  Granted, sometimes the way God works things out may not seem good to us in our finite human capacity to understand.  But, if we’re really willing to do this whole U Love trust and hope thing, we’ll believe that the way God works things out for us is indeed what’s best for us at any given point in our lives. Okay, enough explaining.  I want to share with you a GREAT story that illustrates this trust concept, as well as God’s U Love for us. However, I just noticed that this post is getting very long.  So, let’s get to that amazing story next time, OK?

Be sure to tune in next post for the tale of another suspenseful, supernatural intervention from God in my life!!! You’ll definitely want to read all about it!!  See ‘ya!

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