No Strings Attached, Please

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No Strings Attached, Please

From Rebecca:

I’m back with the second half of my “generosity” story! Or as I like to call it, “generosity to a fault.” LOL. I left off the last post with a hilarious story from when I was four years old. To recap, my mom had been teaching me about being generous, and in my innocence, one day I took that concept to a whole new level. My mom and I were sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room that was filled with people.  When my mom became distracted talking to a nurse, I went into “generosity mode.”

I got my mom’s wallet out of her purse, took out ALL of her money, and gave it away to each and every person sitting in the waiting room. To me, in my four year old mind, this was simply being generous. Once my mom realized what I had done, she had to find a sensitive way to rectify the situation, both with me and with the other people in the waiting room….which she accomplished, beautifully. After all, she did have to get her money back!!

I finished my last post with the big question, “What does this story have to do with U Love?!” Surprisingly, there are a few important connections.  Number one, the free, effortless, unconditional way that I went around to everyone in the doctor’s office waiting room and gave the money away, is a great illustration of how God loves us. It’s also a great visual of how God wants us to love one another.

As an innocent child, I had no stipulations for giving that money away.  I didn’t scrutinize the people in the waiting room, looking for faults which could preclude me from giving money to them. I simply thought of all of the people as the same. I didn’t judge anyone’s appearance, character, or actions, nor did I jubecky and mommy at three years olddge how the people in the waiting room treated me. There were no preconditions to my giving the money away to these people.

I also gave the money away without expecting anything in return from anyone. My generosity had no strings attached. Simply put, I didn’t allow anything to come between me and my display of generosity towards those people in the waiting room that day.

Through my child-like vision, I saw everyone as equal, and as people to whom I needed to be generous. That is exactly how God views us (and how He wants us to consider each other)….with eyes of U Love, not looking at one another’s differences or faults, nor trying to find reasons not to show U Love. We are encouraged by Him to look at one another equally, with each person needing to be shown U Love freely and without conditions.

Next point, as a child I may have taken the idea of generosity a little too far; but, the concept is a good one. When we’re showing U Love to one another, it’s natural to want to be generous and giving towards one another. I’m not suggesting you give all of your money away as I did in the story.  But, I am saying that there will be times when we have opportunity to give to others who are in need, either materially, or by simply giving of our time. Let’s look for those times. There are lots of ways to show generosity towards others, and give of ourselves.

Giving is a beautiful characteristic of U Love. And you know something? When we give to others, it actually ends up blessing us as well. Have you ever noticed that when you help someone, often your own spirits get boosted? I know I have. I generally end up feeling quite happy because I know I’ve helped another person in need. Giving unto others often ends up helping ourselves, too.

So, whatdaya’ say we take the example of me as a four year old and show more U Love and generosity to one another? I think we’ll find that there’ll be a lot more U Love going on in this world!

Talk to you next time! Please join our U Love chain here.

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