The Disappearing Act

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The Disappearing Act

From Rebecca:

We left off last week with a major cliffhanger of a story! To quickly recap, we had been discussing the U Love definition of, “Love always hopes and always trusts.”  This story was meant to be an example of ultimate trust and hope in God. To continue with the story, when I was about a year old, my mom found a golf ball size lump in the side of my neck. When she took me to the doctor, the lump was diagnosed as a benign tumor. The good news was that the tumor was benign, but the bad news was that it required surgery to remove.

Even WORSE was that the necessary surgery required to remove the tumor could’ve disfigured me, and could’ve left me unable to hold my head upright for the rest of my life. My parents were in a whirlwind of anxiety, dread, and doubt, all mixed together. They didn’t know what to do to help me. The surgery could potentially critically alter the remainder of my life. That was unacceptable to my parents. But, what other choice was there?

It seemed that the only two choices for my parents were either to put me in the hands of the doctors, or to turn to God. My parents chose God. They knew that God would have a better solution, even though they didn’t know what that might be. So, my parents and all their friends went right to prayer. My mom also called my Aunt Brynn, who immediately got a chain of people to start praying for my neck to be healed.

The idea of my neck being healed seemed so remote, but my parents knew of no other answer. They could do nothing else but trust and hope in God’s U Love for me. They believed that He wouldn’t leave me in the dire position I was in.  And, guess what, they were right. There was no way God was going to leave me in that most unfortunate condition.   golf cartoon 4

Thus, as always, in His infinite U Love, God sprang into action to rectify the mess I was in. Unbeknownst to my family, news of the situation with my neck spread like wildfire to many congregations. There were scores of people all over the country who were praying for my healing (most of those people we didn’t even know). All those prayers were being lifted up to God, and, as those prayers were going up to heaven, God was working behind the scenes of my life to help me.

Unbelievably, miraculously, the tumor in the side of my neck began to shrink.  It was slow going, but every day it got smaller and smaller. Finally, one day, the tumor had completely vanished! My mom said she could hardly believe it had disappeared. She carefully searched for it in my neck, but it was, indeed, entirely gone! This was something the doctors told my mom would not happen. The doctors said that the tumor would definitely not go away on its own. Well, I guess God had something else up His sleeve. God defied modern medicine once again, and healed that tumor.  My neck has been fine ever since. Thank you, God!!!

What does this story demonstrate to us? Going back to what I was addressing in the beginning of this post, that “Love always trusts and always hopes,” my parents trusted and hoped in God to intervene on my behalf and pull me out of an ominous situation. Though the facts seemed grim, my parents didn’t put their hope and trust in the circumstances.  Instead, they were determined to see things through with God.  As usual, God didn’t let us down.  He came through in all His power and might and healed me.

You see, my parents, and all of the people who graciously prayed for me, didn’t lose hope or trust in the One who was ultimately in control of the entire circumstance. And, their trust was confirmed! I am so grateful, to this day, for the trust and prayers of my family, and all those people who prayed for my healing so many years ago. It goes without saying, that I am eternally grateful to God, who has always had my back from day one; and for never ceasing to be right by my side; U Loving me and proving His faithfulness to me, day after day.

You know what? God’s U Love and faithfulness is the same for you, too, every minute of every day. That’s why you can feel confident to embrace His never ending U Love, and to trust Him in all situations!

See you next time!

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