It’s Okay….Weep Over Life’s Ruins

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It’s Okay….Weep Over Life’s Ruins

From Joan:

Last post, I left off by telling you my saga of the demolition of the swimming pool in the yard behind my house.  I related the destruction of this pool to the condition of my life. Perhaps I left you with a wrong impression that I was depressed about my life after watching this swimming pool being destroyed.  Well, maybe I did intimate that a bit. Perhaps I even felt it for the moment. Be assured that God never leaves us in that state if we look to Him for answers (which I did). So, here’s how it all worked out.

It was clear that, quite subtly, the swimming pool had become a symbol of hope for me….a forecast for the hopeful fulfillment of my youthful dreams. Watching the pool being torn down, I felt somewhat empty inside, as if prospects for my future were somehow being irrevocably altered. With each shovelful of dirt that filled in the cavernous opening, I felt as though another of my dreams was being plucked from my grasp. I became mesmerized by the razing of that pool. Putting all other tasks aside, I gazed at the process, knowing full well the outcome.

The pool was demolished in only two days, a much shorter length of time than it took to build it. All the dirt was filled in; the ground was leveled; and grass was planted. There was no longer any evidence that a pool had been there at all. As I looked at that final scene and given my thought process during the destruction, it’s no surprise that I felt empty inside, devoid of hope. I wept some, and then I wept some more. building blocks of life

As I was carrying on like I had no hope (I know I was a bit dramatic, but that’s how I felt at the time), God watched it all. In His U Love, He began to comfort me. Here is what he spoke to my heart. He told me that it was okay to weep over lost dreams. “But, those dreams were really conjured on my own, and were not what He had planned for me anyway.” God reassured me that all was not finished in my life. Instead, God wanted to wipe the slate clean and restore me. “This time He would fill my heart with His plans for the rest of my life, plans that would give me a hope and a future in Him.” That sounded fine to me.

As if to confirm His message to me, soon thereafter, I came across an article while I was doing research for my recent post about Nehemiah rebuilding the Jerusalem wall. In the article, it said the following:

“You will never rebuild the walls of your life until you become greatly concerned about the ruins. Have you ever stopped long enough to assess what you could be under God, and compared that with what you are? Have you looked at the possibilities that God gave you in life, and seen how far you have deviated from that potential? When Nehemiah heard the report about Jerusalem, he wept and prayed for days. You will never rebuild your life, until you first weep over the ruins.”

Well, that certainly precisely and concisely highlighted for me all that God had intended for me to realize through watching the demolition of that swimming pool. It’s okay to weep over the ruins of life. But, if we make God our friend, He will help us pick up the pieces and start anew. I knew it was time to stop all the weeping and to start rebuilding my future, this time letting God take the lead. God has plans for me, as He also does for you. I’m ready. Are you?

God U Loves us all! See ‘ya soon.

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