Holiday Cheer!

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Holiday Cheer!

From Joan and Rebecca:IMG_0964

Wishing you a Merry Christmas to the many who celebrated Christmas this week! And, for those of you who have already celebrated Chanukah, we wish all of you blessings for the holidays, too! Of course, we would not leave out Happy New Year in our array of holiday greetings to you! This is a perfect time to remind ourselves to U Love all throughout the year!

From Joan: chanukah 2 final

This holiday season, our family did something out of the ordinary. It’s something we almost never do. It was actually kind of extraordinary for us. Yes, it’s true. We had a marathon of watching sappy Christmas TV movies. You know, the ones with the predictable, trite dialogue; and the love stories with the inevitable endings where everyone ends up loving one another. They all follow the same plot with almost no unexpected twists.

For those of you who love these movies….sorry. I don’t mean to be derisive, because I definitely support the theme behind these types of shows. After all, they’re almost always about unconditional love for one another, which, of course, is our theme for our blog. I just notice that our culture mostly promotes U Love at this season when people are already in a jolly mind set. In this case, it’s much easier to love more unconditionally. Instead, I want to encourage everyone to U Love year round, even when life is challenging.

From Rebecca:chanukah 1 final

I have to disagree with my mom, because I happen to think those sappy Christmas movies are cute!! Despite their predictability, I always love their happy endings. Those movies leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, content that love prevailed in each individual story. As my mom alluded to, we wish that kind of U Love would be at the forefront of people’s lives all of the time, not just at the holidays or during tragic situations (when you often see people band together in U Love to face whatever difficulty there may be).

So, let’s all do our best to show U Love year round, keeping that warm, fuzzy feeling within our hearts towards one another every day. I think that would be a great New Year’s resolution! And, that would make the world a much more enjoyable place in which to live! Don’t you agree? With that said, I wish happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!

See you next year!!!

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