Catch Me If You Can!

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Catch Me If You Can!

From Rebecca (as told to me by my mom):

“Mom, catch!” I cried with delight. I was two years old and I was standing at the top edge of our circular staircase which stood two stories high in the foyer of our home. My mom immediately looked up at the sound of my exclamation. I had somehow managed to squeeze my tiny body through the ornate railing on the landing at the top of the steps, and teetered on the edge in front of the railing, my life hanging in the balance.

Mom and I had played the “catch” game many times before. At our community swimming pool, I would stand on the edge of the pool, and jump into her arms while she stood in the water in front of me.I loved that game. To me, it was great fun to jump into the water splashing everyone nearby.

I always trusted that my mom would never let me down nor allow me to fall.  The thought never even crossed my mind. Fear was nonexistent for me in the “catch” game. I knew, as my mom stood in front of me with her arms extended towards me, that she would catch me…..guaranteed. But, we had never played the game on a staircase, especially one two stories high. My mom would never have put me in that kind of danger. I came up with that erroneous idea all in my own two year old mind.

So, there I was ready to try the “catch” game in a brand new setting, completely unaware of the peril I was in. Before my mom could blink an eye, I flung myself off the edge of the landing into a long free fall, heading straight for a crash landing onto our hardwood floors two stories below. Without a second to spare, my mom’s maternal instincts kicked in. She practically flew across the room to block my fall, arms stretched out wide, and heart filled with terror.

I was oblivious to the danger. “Wheee!!!” I exclaimed with delight as I fell, having no clue of the horror that my mom’s mind was imagining in that split second.  As my mom watched her tiny toddler plummet head long towards the floor, she didn’t think she could get to me in time. She knew that this fall could mean serious injury or even worse. Unfortunately, I would not be landing in a pool of water.

Now, if you recall all of the stories I’ve told you in the past about how God has saved my life from life threatening situations, you know He wasn’t going to drop the ball this time (God never drops the ball, anyway). And so He was there with my mom to help her rescue me…..again!

Right at the last moment, literally a nanosecond before I smashed onto the ground, my mom was able to slide under me. I landed right on top of her, and we crumbled into a heap on the floor (mom on the bottom and me on top). With God’s help, my mom had managed to break my fall so that I remained unharmed. (Mom was only slightly bruised.) Thank you, thank you, thank you God (and, of course, thanks to my mom, too)!! jumping off staircase cartoon cropped

After the fall, from my perspective, “catch” was still a great game. All I knew was that my mom caught me again. I responded by squealing in delight at the so called “fun” in which I had just partaken. I then jumped up from my mom and ran off to play elsewhere in the house.

My mother, on the other hand, laid in a pile on the floor in a state of shock, panting and shaking at the near death experience she had just witnessed. I obviously had NO IDEA what I had just put my mom through, or the error of what I had done. Typical toddler Rebecca. That was my modus operandi!! LOL!

You may be wondering where I’m going with this post. This little story demonstrates a beautiful, loving quality of God. You see, sometimes we may recklessly fling ourselves into a tragic situation that dangerously spirals us downward in life. I obviously don’t mean this literally, but figuratively. What I’m saying is that we may knowingly, or unknowingly, at times get ourselves into a pickle of a situation that could end up in a very bad place for us.

Once we realize we’re headed in a harmful direction, we may feel like we’re falling, and falling, like nothing will save us. But, even if it’s at the final, split second, when it looks like it’s the end, God will ALWAYS  catch us. Whether our “falling” is accidental, or of our own doing, God will rush to save us. As a matter of fact, He delights in saving us and in being our Hero. God is our guaranteed safety net.

For sure, sometimes it may seem that God is slow to step in and catch us. Though, in reality, He is always right on time. Trust that God has His reasons for His sometimes unhurried timing when stepping into our lives. We may think that He is slow to intervene, but He may really be trying to strengthen us in Him. He may also be trying to get us to trust Him wholeheartedly, even to the point of trusting Him when circumstances don’t turn out as we would like them to. But, make no mistake, when we look to God, He will always step in to prevent us from crashing to the ground (sort of like my mom in my story). 

I’ve heard it told that some birds, when teaching their young to fly, will coax their babies out of their nest and let them free fall. Then, at the very last second, the parent bird swoops down in a flash to save its baby from destruction. (I’m not sure if this is actually true, but it does demonstrate my point). By no means am I saying that God causes us to fall. He most certainly does not. But, if sometimes in life we are heading in a downward direction, God may very well use that “fall” to help build up our character.

And, just like the mother bird, in the nick of time, God will swoop down to save us from ruin! Whew! That certainly gives me a strong feeling of relief, knowing that I have a personal Hero who is always keeping His eye on me every second of my life to “catch” me out of any difficulty that may come my way. And, you can be sure that He is also the same for you. So, next time you’re facing a “fall” in life, cry out to God, “catch me,” and know that God will save you, too!

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