Move Over!

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Move Over!

From Joan:

Those of you who follow our blog on a regular basis know how much Rebecca and I love the supernatural. In our case, I’m talking about supernatural occurrences as they come from God. We’ve had numerous supernatural experiences with God, some about which we’ve already written for our blog. In this post, I’d like to mention an intriguing story about the supernatural which I heard a pastor tell recently.

Just as a bit of background information, our family likes to listen to this particular pastor as he live streams on the internet. His discussions always challenge our thinking about God. This specific time, the pastor was teaching on how to really experience God as opposed to simply knowing about God.

Now, that topic was something that immediately garnered my attention because of its potential to take me into the supernatural realm. I treasure those intimate, private moments with God. Most anything that can draw me closer to Him, I will investigate. As I listened to the teaching, I was not disappointed. The message was chock full of stirring suggestions meant to motivate the audience to seek God in a very personal way. I was on board with that.

One of those teachable moments was when the pastor encouraged each one of us to listen for God’s voice in our daily lives. I know from previous messages that this pastor considers hearing from God to be critical in a person’s life. I happen to agree. Hearing directly from God can make all the difference in any given situation. It can mean the difference between life or death. This has happened for me numerous times in the past.

For instance, you may recall a post Rebecca wrote recently in which she describes how God saved her life as an infant by speaking to my spirit that my daughter was in danger. A quick recap….Rebecca was sitting in her car seat in the back of our car. I had stopped my car and gotten out to talk to a neighbor. I had left Rebecca in her car seat thinking I would be only a few minutes. I didn’t think anything of the fact that it was a sunny, hot day, and that Rebecca was in the car with the windows up.

I got engrossed in the conversation, lost track of time, and didn’t notice that the hot sun was beating down on Rebecca in the car. God saw that Rebecca was in grave danger and spoke to me with an urgent, strong voice telling me to get Rebecca right out of the car, which I immediately did.  If God had not intervened, the result would have been disastrous. You see my point?move over cartoon final cropped

The pastor, in his message, told us another story of a life saving warning from God. The pastor was driving down the interstate when God clearly told him to move over. Being very familiar with God’s voice, the pastor quickly moved over to another lane. Just as he got into the other lane, a large truck which had lost its brakes came barreling down the lane he had just exited and smashed into traffic ahead of it.

You may have heard other stories just like these. My point is that hearing from God can be important to us in every aspect of our lives, from guiding us through our daily decisions, even to saving our lives. He loves us so unconditionally that He cares about every single thing we care about. And, so, He will help us with just about everything in life. I count on that.

I find I’ve come to rely on God’s counsel for everything in my life. I pray and try to discern His advice before I do most anything. By listening for God’s direction on things, I feel sure I will be in the center of His will for me. That is where I always want to be, because it’s the place of blessing. I know that even if I haven’t accurately discerned His voice in a particular situation, God knows that, in my heart, I want to do things His way. That willingness to follow God’s lead counts for a great deal with Him, even if I’m not perfect at it.

To recognize His voice, I give it daily practice. I realize I must get to know Him just like I would with any friend whose opinion I seek. To draw closer to Him, I read His word daily and meditate on it. It’s through the Bible that I get a good deal of direction from Him. Mostly, I do my best to consistently focus my attention on Him, to be aware of His presence in my thoughts, and to submit to Him on all issues. (I’m not always good at that last part, but I try.) Following His guidance keeps me on a good path in life. It will do the same for you. Think about it!

See you next week!

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