Meeting the Howdy Doody Challenge

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Meeting the Howdy Doody Challenge

From Joan:

Last week I described a challenge presented to my family while we were out to dinner with our family friend, Sam. Using the repetitive nature of the old time TV show, “Howdy Doody,” as his example, Sam made the point that life can also be static. That position hit home for me. I noticed that my life had become very routine. The question was what to do about it?

Since that night at the restaurant, I’ve been giving Sam’s viewpoint a lot of thought. Here’s what I conclude thus far. First of all, established patterns in life aren’t always a bad thing (as Sam intimated). Set patterns create structure, which I think is important (especially for children). It’s not so bad knowing what to expect.

Also, fixed behaviors allow for traditions which reflect the heritage of our families to be passed on from generation to generation. It’s like a thread that connects each age group to the next. On the other hand, when structure becomes commonplace and unchanging, life can become tedious. If I have become weary in life, I have to ask myself, why?

Perhaps some of the problem is that I am in a transition period of life. Rebecca, now as a young adult, needs much less of my involvement in her life than she did as she was growing up. Now, don’t get me wrong. My husband and I had a marvelous time parenting Rebecca. We wholly immersed ourselves in most every aspect of her childhood. Wme and mommy 1 final 1e were blessed that Rebecca wanted us to be included in her life. Even though things are rather different now, we still treasure the memories of Rebecca’s childhood, which remain so sweet to us.

But, now, I find myself searching for my purpose in this part of my life, reasons that don’t center around raising Rebecca. For the first time in years, I can direct my attention to new activities, yet, not really sure what to do, I fall into old patterns for my daily routine. I have the opportunity to shake things up a bit in life, but I guess I didn’t plan out very well just what to do. Maybe some of you can relate to all this?

My mind immediately goes to God for answers where I always get help. As I search in the Bible, I first see in Jeremiah 31:25 that God tells me “He will refresh the weary, and satisfy the faint.” That’s a promise I count on right now! I also know from the Bible, that God created each one of us for a unique purpose; and, from Psalm 92, that even as we get older, we can be strong and still bear fruit in life. Just being reminded of these promises begins to invigorate me.

I still don’t have it all figured out, yet, but knowing that God has a purpose for me even in this changed time of my life is the beginning of the refreshing of my spirit. I know that if I connect with God about this, I will end up satisfied in life. So, my prayers are to seek God’s wisdom, and to look forward to what God has in store for me next.

Like I always tell Rebecca, “When God is in it, you can be sure it will be way more exciting than what we can imagine on our own!” This leaves me with lots to think about! Perhaps you feel the same, too. If life has become somewhat stagnant, turning to God for His revealed purpose and direction for you is always a good strategy. I say, “Let’s all go for it!”

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