Call Me Old School, But…..

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Call Me Old School, But…..

From Joan:

I ended my discussion last week about America’s changing values with some pretty strong statements about premarital sex. My comments were based on the values I saw demonstrated in the Marilyn Monroe movie from the sixties entitled, “Gentleman Prefer Blondes.” If you missed all the hullabaloo, I am going to repeat some of my comments as follows:

In the movie, we saw a lot of good natured fun going on, with singing and dancing, and, yes, a bit of flirting, too. But, there was little evidence that the central characters were having sex before marriage. To me, one of the more memorable lines was near the end of the film when Marilyn Monroe’s character was walking down the aisle to be married, and her friend jokingly said to her that “now” it was OK to say “yes” to her man. This implied in a humorous manner that it would be OK to say yes to sex, because she would be married.

Now, I know many of the young people who follow this blog may believe this thinking is antiquated. “Times have changed,” you might say. Well, that’s exactly my point. I don’t think the changed times are really bettering our society. The strong family unit, which has been a core value of our culture, has been weakened by some forms of modern day thinking.gentleman prefer blondes wedding picture

Unlike today, when I was younger, abstaining from sex before marriage (and respecting others even when in conflict), were considered to be worthy virtues. The reason for this cultural transformation, I believe, is that in the previous time period, people still considered the standards of God to be relevant. In today’s thinking, not so much. Most anything goes.

Certainly, Rebecca was pleasantly surprised at the good manners and high morality of the characters in the film. Although she’s been raised with those “sixties” values, apparently she has also noticed how “times have changed.” (As an aside, Rebecca also loved the elegant clothing worn in the movie by Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, but that’s another story. We all know how much Rebecca loves fashion!)

All throughout watching the film, Rebecca kept asking me if that was really the way people behaved back then. I consistently answered in the affirmative, well aware of the marked differences between then and now. Call me old school, but I liked the previous values. I liked it when God, not man, set the rules for life. I could count on the system being fair to all, and not biased by the whims of man. I knew what God expected of me and of everyone else. And there was a lot more U Love flowing when people followed God’s ways instead of their own. After all, God loves unconditionally, then shows us how to U Love, too.

So, where are we without God at the helm of our culture? To me, without God’s values, we’re trending in a mistaken direction, one that weakens rather than strengthens our society. This post can be construed as a call to action. We can be the leaders who actively pursue God’s guidance, to help change the course of our country back under God’s direction.

I encourage each one of you to stand up for the values of God wherever you can. In the workplace, at school, on social media, and especially in our homes, let’s be a role model for the principles God has set out for us. We can make God relevant again! This will strengthen us, our families, and bring about more of the unconditional love that people so desire in their lives.

Blessings to you all! Please join our U Love chain here!

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