Food is Sexy?!

February 21, 2014 1 Comment »
Food is Sexy?!

From Joan:

You may have noticed from previous posts how much I love to watch cooking shows. It’s not that I’m such a good cook and always understand what’s going on; it’s that by watching, perhaps I’ll evolve to the point where I am actually considered to be a good cook. LOL!

Regardless of the level of my cooking skills, Rebecca and I have definitely become foodies. We love to experience new types of foods; and we love to indulge in our established favorites. Let’s face it, we thoroughly enjoy trying tasty tidbits in most any situation, which we incorporate into our daily lives as often as possible! All this self taught, but rather informed knowledge of food affords me enough experience to comment about it. So, what’s got me bothered this time? 

I keep hearing on many of these cooking shows the new term, “food is sexy.” OK, I ask you, “Is food really sexy?” Come on now, what exactly makes food sexy? With all my familiarity with food, I have yet to figure it out. Nonetheless, on many of the current cooking shows, we continually hear the popular food experts describe food as sexy. This is a conundrusexy food croppedm to me.

Here’s a for instance. I was enthralled while watching a cooking guru demonstrating how to make sautéed veal chops and garlic mashed potatoes. At the end, as the chef tasted the completed product, I expected a tantalizing description of the food to encourage me to try the recipes myself. Instead, what I heard as my supposed inspiration was that the meal is “very sexy.” What a nondescript statement. I don’t even know how sex appeal is relevant to veal and potatoes. Whether or not you agree, I’ve never found veal and potatoes (or any other food for that matter) to be sexy. It either tastes great or it doesn’t. Period.

And, this obsession with depicting things as sexy is not just exclusive to cooking shows. Recently, I was watching a talk show in which the host was interviewing the guest about being a literary agent.  Being a writer, I was particularly intrigued by this conversation. The jubilant expression on the guest’s face was undeniable as she described her occupation as a literary agent as being “very sexy.” I can think of a lot of interesting things to say about being a literary agent. “Very sexy” isn’t one of them.

Over and over, I began to notice how often things were being described as “very sexy.” It didn’t seem to matter the topic as long as it could be couched in the illusion of being sexy. The significant one that “spilled the barrel” for me was, recently, when a talk show host was promoting a fund raising calendar which he claimed was full of “very sexy Italian priests.” (I didn’t even have to question what God thought of that.)

I’m left to wonder just what is this all about? What is this new obsession with portraying most everything as sexy?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not against being sexy. But, I was brought up in the era when sex was a beloved, but private matter between a husband and wife. Nowadays, sexiness has become quite public. This leads me back to the point I’ve been making in my previous two posts regarding the changing standards in our society. Morals are rapidly changing, and not always for the best.

What happened to the days when a public display of sex appeal was considered improper? When did sexiness become so overt? In today’s world, with all of the encouragement in our society to look and act sexy, we see an explosion of irreverent sexual behavior among people (especially among our young people). This has led to a record high of unwanted pregnancies, divorce, and an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

Where is God in all this change? It’s obvious He’s been relegated to a back burner. And, where are we without God at the helm of our culture? As I said in my previous post, I believe that without God’s values we’re trending in a mistaken direction, one that weakens rather than strengthens our society.

As I’ve done in the past, I call people to action. I encourage everyone to take note of the present pathway of our culture. Let’s become the leaders who actively pursue God’s guidance to help change the course of our country back under God’s direction and principles. I know this will lead us all to a better place where we can focus much more on U Loving one another!

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  1. Carol Cardinale February 22, 2014 at 9:11 am - Reply

    Joan I love your article! This is a grand commentary on how the sanctity of everything now food has gone to an all time down grade into bondage the outside world. When it comes time to cook to the time of eating it is a time of worship and thanks giving for the blessings God has showered upon us. We will continue to say the Barucha before and over our meals, Rudolf family -Have a Great Shabbat! – Shirah

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