Parting Was Not Sweet Sorrow

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Parting Was Not Sweet Sorrow

From Joan:

Last week I told the story of a dilemma my friend Jim and I had gotten into while recently having lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant. It didn’t have anything to do with the food. That was delicious. Instead, it was about an altercation we were having with two women sitting at the table next to ours. They didn’t approve of Jim having shared his faith in God with our waiter. Apparently they had listened in on the conversation, and didn’t like what they had heard. (To catch up on the story, click here.)

Basically, the ladies told Jim to “button up his lips and keep his faith to himself!” That didn’t go over too well with Jim (or me as a matter of fact), and so the interaction between us and the women turned into a hot mess! (Not meaning to be unkind, Jim and I did not give the women a U Love response.) As things went further downhill, I suddenly had a strong conviction that Jim and I had to reverse our course and begin to show these women God’s unconditional love.

 I immediately turned to Jim and issued my own challenge. I reminded him that God’s unconditional love would require us to treat these ladies very differently than we had been doing. I said that if we were purporting to be ambassadors for God, we should act more like Him. In this situation, it would be to show these ladies U Love even in light of their accusations.

Jim glared at me. He was not on board with my assessment at all. It was at that very moment that Jim asked me the fateful question in a condescending tone, “Do you really live like that….like what you write about in your blog?” As I said in my previous post, I was taken aback by those words. Jim’s life was dedicated to serving God. I wondered why he wouldn’t want to emulate God’s unconditional love when relating to others? I assured him that I do try to live by the principles I write about in the blog, even though my success is not alwaypeople shaking handss a guarantee.

When I said those words, something in Jim softened. You could see that God was working on his heart. I could tell by the expression on his face that he, too, was being convicted to show U Love to these ladies who were so antagonistic. (Yaay Jim!! I knew you had God’s U Love deep down inside of you!!) The upshoot is that Jim and I apologized to the women and responded to their judgmental behavior with unconditional love.

 I’d like to say that everything ended lovey-dovey, and that we parted with the ladies as new friends. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I’m afraid that there had been too many harsh words between us that had caused them to set their feelings against us. Although, we did end on a polite note, it was clear that the two women remained convinced that their position was entirely correct. Regardless, in the end, Jim and I had done what was right in God’s eyes. I feel good about that.

My conclusion is grounded in my belief that, if we love God, we should glorify Him in our lives. A life well lived with God’s U Love to guide me is my way to accomplish this. I admit, this is not always easy. Sometimes life’s circumstances kick my desire to please God right out the door. At times, I end up struggling with anger, rejection, fear or who knows what else. But, God is always there in His infinite unconditional love helping me and rooting me on. And, so, I forge ahead defeating those emotions that steer me away from God’s path.

It is not my place to tell you how to live your life, but I can tell you that a great deal of good comes out of living a life that is honoring to God. So, I challenge you to ask yourself the question, “Am I honoring God in my life by showing His unconditional love to others?” The answer is between you and God. I just encourage you to seek Him. If you do, He will be found. Without a doubt, it is God’s will to show His U Love to you and through you, and to bring peace and blessings into your life.

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