The Sign Thief

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The Sign Thief

From Rebecca:

Hey there! Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday! I certainly did! My family and I were away last week, and, of course, you know I brought back a U Love story to tell. I find that there’s not usually a lack of U Love encounters (good and not so good) when my mom is around! LOL! My mom’s antics provide good material for this blog!

My mom freely admits that showing unconditional love towards others is more difficult for her than it is for me. We all have our own issues to work on, and this happens to be hers. I am happy to say though, that the positive U Love encounters my mom has had, many of which I’ve had the pleasure to witness, are becoming more and more frequent! Yay! Go mom!

This particular incident I’m about to tell you is not that significant, however, I think it illustrates a good point. You may have heard that God tells us in His Word to “turn the other cheek.” I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I even wrote and recorded a song about it.  I believe this is an important principle, but needs to be applied appropriately depending upon the situation. I’ll discuss more about this point later, but, first, let me tell this latest little story.

You know how at hotels there is a “do not disturb” sign you can put on the outside door handle of your room to make sure no one bothers you while you’re inside? Well, sometimes it’s easy to forget to use those signs, but, my parents happen to be very consistent in their “do not disturb” sign usage. They never make a mistake when it comes to that. It’s always on the outside of the door when they are in their room. And, so it was on this trip. Like clockwork, my parents would secure their “privacy” sign on their door handle at the proper times…….one of the most important times being at night so that they wouldn’t get loud door knocks from the housekeepers trying to get into their room at 6:00 AM.

Yet, very early one morning, despite the fact that my parents had indeed put their “do not disturb” sign on their door before they went to sleep, they experienced excruciating, disturbing knocks and yells, plus repeated attempts to enter their hotel room by a housekeeper.  Needless to say, my mom was quite annoyed at this fracas. She stomped to the door of their hotel room to give the maid, that was causing all of the commotion, a proper reprimand for her misbehavior. But, when my mom opened the door to the hotel room, she saw that the “do not disturb” sign had vanished from the door! What?! Where could the sign have gone? This was bizarre. The maid was now completely vindicated for her early morning disturbance.   do not disturb cartoon cropped

At first, my parents thought that this sign disappearance was just a fluke, so they let it go. They secured a new sign and moved on. However, their privacy sign then disappeared on each of the next few subsequent days. And, each day the sign was gone, my parents were awakened early in the morning by a housekeeper. This was no longer a fluke folks, this was an all out “do not disturb” sign war with an anonymous opponent. Who was removing my parents’ “do not disturb” sign each night??? Certainly not the “do not disturb” sign fairy. It was a mystery, but, it was time for it to be solved.

On the last day of the trip (of all times, right?!), my mom noticed that the “do not disturb” sign from her door was on the door handle of the room across from hers!!!! What!!!! Can you imagine!!! This did NOT BODE well with my mom, at all. You may wonder how my mom knew it was her sign hanging on the door across from her room. The night before, my mom had gotten from the front desk of the hotel, a privacy sign that looked somewhat different from the usual ones. This way, my mom figured she could easily track its whereabouts, and find the culprit of this whole mystery. When my mom discovered that it was the people across the way that were stealing her sign, she was beyond annoyed. Almost every day of the trip, my parents had endured aggravating disturbances as a result of the sign swipes. I mean, what kind of people steal “do not disturb” signs anyway?!

Now, if I had been in this situation, my response to this discovery probably would’ve been a great deal of frustration, but I would’ve been gracious, turned the other cheek, and moved on. However, did my mom respond like this? NO WAY! Knowing my mom, the feisty one that she is, she took it upon herself to teach those people a lesson. How did she accomplish this feat? She jumped into retaliation, of course. Without hesitation, my mom grabbed that “do not disturb” sign from her neighbor’s door so fast it would’ve made your head spin. She then dropped the sign onto the housekeepers cart sitting in the hallway, and strode off with her nose high in the air.

Now, THEY would be the ones without a sign, and THEY would be disturbed early in the morning, my mom thought as she huffed off down the hotel hallway. As I watched this scene play out, my mom told me she felt satisfied that her neighbors would get a taste of their own medicine. On top of that, my mom said she felt zero remorse for doing this. Usually, whenever my mom has an UN-U Love incident, she immediately feels guilty. She always knows that her unloving response wasn’t right, admits it, and determines in her heart to act differently the next time around. But, this time was different. In this case, my mom did not retreat, but felt justified to teach those people a much deserved lesson.

Now, I love my mom. She’s wonderful and does pretty well now with the whole U Love thing. But, I have to be honest here. I didn’t agree with how she handled this situation.  I thought this was a case where the loving thing would have been to turn the other cheek and leave the sign on their neighbor’s door, rather than get revenge, or teach them a lesson. I feel it’s always best to let God take the revenge and let Him teach people what they need to learn. He knows best what people need in their lives. It is a blessing for us to overlook an offense.

I will say though, that there are some situations where you need to be straightforward with people and speak the truth with love. It’s not always necessary to turn away and be silent. You can decide that with God. I’ve learned that turning the other cheek and showing U Love doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you. There are times when it’s best to overlook an offense and just let it go, which is great. But, there are also times where you will want to speak up, and do something about a situation.  Of course, whatever we do, we must always act with an attitude of love.  Again, these decisions of when to turn the other cheek can be decided between you and God.

In general, I would like to encourage everyone to apply the “turn the other cheek” principle as much as possible in our day to day lives, and watch U Love abound as a result of it!  Are you with me? Come on! Let’s all go for it!

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