Supernatural Assistance

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Supernatural Assistance

From Joan:

Last week I left you by recounting an upsetting situation that I had while on a recent weekend getaway to New England with my family. I had inadvertently left my much needed glasses, daily medication and makeup at home. With no glasses, it seemed as though we would have to abandon our weekend plans and return home. Through prayer, the problem with the makeup and medication got resolved quite readily by visiting a nearby pharmacy. You can read about it here. The glasses, though, were a monumental challenge. I would absolutely need them at nighttime once my contact lenses were removed. And, there was no way to get a substitute pair for the weekend. We needed a supernatural answer to that dilemma.

So, back to prayer my family went. I listened, but heard nothing more from God on the matter. In the past, God has always helped me through difficulties. What was different this time, I wondered out loud? Rebecca then said to me that she felt God was going to help me see supernaturally without my contact lenses…. if I just trusted Him.

Now, this was going to be a big leap of faith for me. With or without God, once my contact lenses were removed from my eyes, I would not be able to see them to reinsert them in the morning without my glasses. And, I wondered how I was going to maneuver safely around the hotel room at night without my glasses? The more I thought about it, the more impossible the situation seemed to be. Nevertheless, I reluctantly agreed to trust God with the matter. At least for the first night, I had no other cropped

At bedtime, with Rebecca and my husband coaching me, I thrust myself into God’s hands and removed my contact lenses. I admit I was afraid to do so; nevertheless, I let God take over. And, lo and behold, Rebecca was absolutely right. God gave me some supernatural assistance! Much to my surprise, I was able to see more clearly without my glasses than I had in recent years. My vision wasn’t perfect by any means, but I could see just enough to get by at night without the glasses. Then, with Rebecca‘s help, along with the improved vision, I was able to reinsert my lenses in the morning. Hallelujah!!! A crisis was resolved, again, with God’s help!

Throughout this turmoil, the truths from Psalm 91, about God’s protection and ever present help, kept racing through my mind. Those words came alive for me, especially the verse that says “God will be with you in trouble and rescue you out of it.” I began to see things much more clearly, even though my eyes couldn’t actually see clearly without my glasses. In this situation (as with many others I’ve faced in life), I had nowhere to go but to lean on God.  I learned to trust Him more deeply than ever before. This was a game changer in my relationship with God.

I discovered how to trust Him even when I am afraid; and to look for Him when I am struggling; and to allow Him to show Himself to me through the fear. Yes, I saw far more clearly what it means to trust God’s faithfulness, more than I ever have in the past. And, building trust in God has helped me to have more trust in His unconditional love for me. I now understand how to let Him take over the scary times in life, believing that He will work it all out for me. I also have a better understanding of His U Love for me.

Even with His help, nighttime without my glasses wasn’t pleasant. But, God met my trust in Him, and helped me through it. That was precisely His point all along, learning to trust Him and His unconditional love. When I couldn’t see clearly, it became clear to me that He is trustworthy. I can lean on Him for help in any situation, because His love for me is never ending. I have a loving, faithful God! Get it? So do you!

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