I Never Saw Things More Clearly……

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I Never Saw Things More Clearly……

From Joan:

“I never saw things so clearly as when I actually couldn’t see clearly,” I told Rebecca last weekend. What prompted this statement? Our family was on a getaway weekend to visit friends in New England; and to attend a joyous occasion…their engagement party. We had been excitedly awaiting this weekend for many months, knowing it would be a fun, relaxing time (which it was except for the crisis that ensued early on in the weekend).

It seems that there is often a crisis brewing in my life. I am guessing that God allows them into my existence so that I can learn to trust Him more. This was clearly the case this past weekend. Without trust in God, the weekend would have been ruined. And, ruination is precisely the direction in which the weekend was heading from the beginning.

It started out with our three hour road trip developing into six hours, due to stalled traffic resulting from a car accident (not ours, thank God). The traffic delay caused us to get into New England during rush hour traffic, which further negatively impacted our arrival time. This was important to me because I had meticulously planned the trip out, including a precise departure and arrival time which would allow for us to get settled into the hotel, after which we could enjoy a pleasant evening out to dinner.

Although I knew better than to be overcome by it, anxiety became my best friend. My carefully concocted plan was falling apart. I began to unravel with it. It was apparent that our hoped-for outing was morphing into an evening of wall to wall cars and gas fumes.

We finally arrived at the hotel (three hours late), only to learn that our requested feather free room was not free of feathers. We waited another forty-five minutes for that to be accomplished. Okay, I thought as we finally entered our room, it’s not yet 8 PM. We can still settle in quickly and head out to a quiet dinner. As I unpacked my suitcase, I noticed that my cosmetic case was not in the luggage. I checked and rechecked every piece of baggage we had with us. The case was nowhere to be found. I could not believe I had left it at home. That was an egregious error, with repercussions that turned me into a trembling mass.

It wasn’t the fact that I wouldn’t have any makeup for the weekend which upset me. Having no makeup was not desirable, but I could pick up a few replacement items at the nearby drugstore and make do. The situation wasn’t ideal, but I could cope with it. What completely unnerved me was that my much needed eyeglasses and daily mecartoon glasses croppeddication were also in the cosmetic bag still at my home. I knew that once I removed my contact lenses at bedtime, I absolutely could not manage without my glasses. At that moment, the crisis commenced. I immediately advanced from simple frustration into complete panic mode.

I called my family together for some prayer. I knew that without God’s intervention, we would likely have to return home. That would have made each one of us very disappointed, to miss this much anticipated weekend with friends and family. I had no idea what God could do about the situation, but I knew I had no other place to go for help than to Him. Besides, it would have taken a supernatural move from God to calm me down at that point.

As we were praying about the circumstances, I got the idea to call the pharmacy near the hotel to see if they carried my medication and to find out if they would sell me enough pills to get me through the weekend. I did just that and got a positive response from the pharmacist. Okay, the first hurdle was overcome. The medication part of the problem was resolved.

But, the situation with my glasses was a much greater obstacle. There was no way an over-the-counter pair could act as a substitute for my very strong prescription. It seemed that there was no solution to this part of the predicament. After considering different options, none of which resolved the issue, I warned my family that it looked like we were going to have to abort the weekend plans and return home. The disappointment on their faces was obvious, but they understood I simply couldn’t function without my glasses.

There is much more to tell about how God met me in this difficult situation. Please check back next week for the inspiring conclusion to my dilemma.

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