Red and Yellow, Black and White…..

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Red and Yellow, Black and White…..

From Joan:

“Red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in His sight.” I first heard these song lyrics many years ago, and they have always spoken to me about God’s unconditional love for all of us. His love transcends race, culture, religious beliefs, geographic location, and just about anything else humans use to generate division. I’ve always appreciated that God sees us solely as His beloved creation. This means that we are all His children, and that He loves us all the same. Lately, I’ve been thinking mankind could use a lesson in loving this way.

In the news these past few weeks, there have been numerous stories about people groups who were engaged in violent clashes spawned by intolerance and prejudice. First, we saw the race riots in Ferguson, Missouri, where people were protesting the killing of an African American teenager. Then, there is the war between Israel and Hamas, which is sourced in differences between the Jewish people and the Palestinians. And, we cannot forget the execution of an American journalist in Iraq by a terrorist group trying to make the point that others cannot have a different religious belief from their own.people holding hands

I could go on and on recounting similar incidents, all of which emanate from intolerance leading to hatred. But, God says NO to all the hatred, and YES to unconditional love. I am calling upon all of mankind to stop the fighting and begin to learn to accept one another. But, this is only the start. Where we must be heading is towards U Love, so that we can all live together in harmony. I believe civilization is at a critical juncture. We must learn to live together in peace on this planet, or, in my estimation, mankind will implode. It’s that simple.

I offer as an example the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” The film’s two main characters (Ian and Toulah) fell in love regardless of their cultural differences (which were substantial). Toulah’s sizeable family was steeped in the Greek traditions. They were portrayed as loud, boisterous, and stereotypically Greek. Ian, on the other hand, had been raised in a strict, conservative, reserved household. These two people were polar opposites, yet, they were extremely attracted to one another because of their differences. Toulah appreciated Ian’s quiet strength, while Ian embraced Toulah’s lively family, and the new experiences he encountered with them. Their romance worked because of the enormous selflessness, acceptance, and U Love between them.

At the end of the movie, and after much angst at trying to get their respective families to get along together, Ian and Toulah finally have their big fat Greek wedding. When toasting the newlyweds, Toulah’s father (who tried unsuccessfully to keep Toulah and Ian apart), gave a touching speech. He said that the origin of Ian’s last name came from the Greek word meaning apple. He then pointed out that Toulah’s surname comes from the Greek word meaning orange. Toulah’s father admitted that even though apples and oranges are different, in the end, they are both fruit. In the finality, they are very much the same.

My appeal today is to remind everyone that, regardless of our differences, whether they be race, religion, country of origin, etc., we, too, are all the same. We are one people under God, as well as children of God. Please……let’s start behaving like brothers and sisters by treating each other with respect, tolerance and unconditional love. Yes, we will still have our differences, but we can overlook them and live together in harmony. Imagine the peace that could fall on the earth with just this one step towards unconditional love. Will you unite with us in U Love to make the world a better place?

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