What’s Your Spot?

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What’s Your Spot?

From Joan:

Recently, I was having some difficulty gaining clarity about specific decisions I had to make regarding an upcoming family vacation. It is my usual practice to pray about most everything, especially major decisions. Guidance from God in my daily life has been, well, a “Godsend.” When I infuse prayer into my decisions, and do as I feel God is leading me, things generally work out fine in the end. So, when it came to our family vacation, I went to prayer about it. But, this time, even with prayer, I just wasn’t feeling led about how to handle most aspects of the vacation.

I kept coming up with different scenarios on my own, but the details didn’t seem to work out. (Especially cost wise; I was really trying to stay within a particular budget for the trip.) I was becoming impatient; so, I abandoned the prayer, and made some travel arrangements that seemed right to me at the time (although they didn’t actually fit our budget for the trip very well). I wasn’t quite sure why these vacation plans had become problematic. Even after making all the travel arrangements, I still felt unsettled about them. I decided to just go with what I had put in place and not fret about it any longer.

Some days later, I was engaged in prayer time with my husband about another situation, when I heard him ask God for revelatory wisdom about the subject. All of a sudden, a light bulb went off in my mind. Of course, what I needed to do was to refocus on God for His wisdom about the vacation; wait more patiently for His leading; and move my attention off of all the other distracting details for the time being. After all, doesn’t it make sense that the all-seeing, all-knowing God knows what’s best for our vacation? Surely, He would direct my path on this issue; and, I definitely wanted to have His guidance about the plans. contact lenses

I then realized that when matters get complicated or answers from prayer take too long in coming, it’s easy for me to take my mind off of God, and to try to resolve things on my own. Usually, I do make it customary to stay fixated on Him. Generally, that practice seems to help me work out most of life’s situations. However, once I get distracted from looking to Him for answers, I notice confusion comes into the picture. Hence, I had the vacation quandary. I didn’t stay focused on God for my resolution.

As I contemplated this problem, I likened the predicament to the act of inserting my contact lenses into my eyes. You may wonder what the two have to do with one another. (I know Rebecca questioned the comparison because she asked me to explain my point.) So, here goes. When I put my contact lenses in my eye, I have to keep my eye open wide, and, then, focus on one point on the counter. By looking at the one spot, my eye stays still, and the lens, when inserted, can settle directly on the center of my eye. Voila! Lenses are in.

But, if I move my eye from the spot on the counter, my eye wavers. Then, the lens does not sit on the center of my eye, and can slide into the white part of my eye. Naturally, I don’t want this to happen because then I can’t see out of the contact. Even worse, if the lens slides off center, it becomes extremely difficult to move it back on center. I’ve had my share of troublesome situations like this, where the contact slips off center, and I struggle to get it back in the correct spot.

I hope you can see where I am going with this analogy. To insert my contact lens properly, I have to keep my focus on the one spot or I have trouble. It’s the same with God. If I keep my eyes just on Him, things have a way of working out. But, if I let my eyes wander, I may have a problem getting my attention back on Him.  In that case, confusion can enter the picture, and it can be hard to know God’s leading about the situation.

When I explained this comparison to Rebecca, she said, “Oh, I get it.” She then immediately jumped in with another analogy. Rebecca explained that it’s like the technique used in doing turns in ballet called “spotting.” You have to learn to keep your eyes on one spot every time you make a turn, and never lose your focus from that spot. Then, you don’t get dizzy while turning. If you don’t spot, you will have a problem with getting woozy and off balance during your dance movements. You will definitely have trouble completing the turn. Keeping your eyes focused on one spot is the way to accomplish successful turns in ballet.

This is a great illustration of my point, which is that it’s important to constantly keep your eyes on God, never taking your focus from Him, so that you can achieve all that God has for you in life. Keep your eyes steadily on Him. Don’t get impatient, don’t waver, and don’t give up on prayer. Stick with it. The answers will come, because He wants us to hear His voice. He wants to guide us, and to help us in every circumstance.….major or minor. I’ve found this continual connection to God to be the best way to maneuver through life. That way you don’t lose your balance on the turns!

See ‘ya next week when we’ll be making an important announcement about our blog.

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