About the U Love Picture

U Love logo We designed a picture that would visually try to communicate the vastness and power of God’s unconditional love. The winged, fire-like background emanating from the heart demonstrates the intensity of unconditional love, as well as its being sourced from God. Note the light outline of a second heart positioned on top of the red heart. Originally a mistake, this second heart was left in the picture to designate that God’s unconditional love can touch one heart to another. The bright, red color of the heart symbolizes the depth of feelings associated with loving unconditionally. And, of course, the letters U LOVE are an abbreviation for the complete concept of unconditional love; but, when spoken out loud, saying U LOVE is also a gentle reminder to ourselves that, under all circumstances, we should show love unconditionally as God does.

Picture designed by Joan and Rebecca Rudolf.  Picture illustrated by Rebecca Rudolf.

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