Who are we?

Rebecca Rudolf

Joan Rudolf and Rebecca Rudolf

We are mother and daughter who have teamed up to write about unconditional love – a concept that can be challenging to carry out.  After all, we are not professionally trained on this subject, nor would we be considered experts.  So what brings us, as ordinary people, to write on the topic of unconditional love?  At times, both of us have experienced emotional hurt, coming from our own thoughts and actions, and by those of others.  And, we’ve searched many avenues looking for inner healing.  Our quest brought us to God, where we found real answers.

After learning about and embracing His unconditional love, the emotional wounds are healing.  We want to encourage people to look to God for their true source of unconditional love.  Knowing His unending love is the basis for loving ourselves, and others…. unconditionally.

Joan Rudolf

In so doing, we are learning to become people who show unconditional love as God shows it to us; and it is changing our lives for the better.  We know it can begin to change yours, too.  If ever this world needed a move towards God’s unconditional love, it is now.

We feel it a purpose to share our experience with others to inspire everyone to a life reflecting God’s unconditional love.  We’d say that’s a good place to begin the blog and the pathway to peace.

P.S.  Cartoons contained in the blog have been designed by Joan and Rebecca.  Actual cartoons were drawn by Rebecca. All information contained within this blog is protected under copyright law.  Nothing can be reproduced without our written permission. 

Disclaimer: Please understand that we are not experts on this topic, nor are we licensed to give professional advice. The information contained in this blog is solely the opinions of the authors and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice of any kind.  Also, understand that unconditional love is never a reason to infringe upon standards of human decency and allow the well being of another to be compromised.

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